When it comes to the pink fashion combination, many people will think about the spring and faded dresses. And ‘The Blonde from Harvard’ celebrated this color in pink looking from head to toe. But the fashion scene of this season highlighted the pink color through autumn-winter pieces in collections that already decorate the city showcases. The streets of the world metropolis already dominated the autumn rain, rain and the first temperatures below zero. Given that real winter is waiting for us, it’s time for a fashion intervention that will drive melancholy and beautify the gloomy days. Pink color is the main ally of trendsetters who stylishly defy the weather, and look for the inspiration for fashion combinations below.


The pink shades won the fashion world. With a striking fuchsia and millennial pink as the most popular shade of the season, the powdery rose highlighted itself as a subtle tone of popular trend. The gentle powdery pink is the most romantic version of the popular pink, which gives the basic pieces a slight departure from the neutral palette, and with striking trends gives a touch of sophistication.

After last season we adored in a combination with soft knitwear and a gorgeous velvet, the new season introduced a romantic summer airiness in a powdery pink color. At the same time simple as neutral colors, a pastel powdery pink shade is the perfect choice for popular summer classics. In addition to giving them a fresh and fresh look, the choice of powdery shades of pink classics gives a fresh and fresh look.


Since the effects of the eclectic 80’s began to re-enter the fashion scene, all trends from that decade have returned to the surface. For example, a color-blocking trend, often associated with disco music in the ’80s. What could, until recently, be considered excessive (if not a fashionable offense), now it becomes desirable, and thus the contrasting of the blurring colors that suddenly make a single and unique combination. And in the case of this season, these are definitely pink and red, trendsetters a favorite color combination.



From the first female models with the signature of Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent to date, when classics of great designers are still a source of inspiration for fashion houses and high street brands, the suits have retained the status of a powerful piece that introduces simplicity within each, and especially within the business wardrobe a powerful message.

The most desirable models of women’s suit were created by a combination of simple lines and neutral colors that emphasized the structure of the classic patterns and their classic look.

Each new season brings not only new trends, but also new releases of popular classics. Although the classic women’s suit for decades successfully defied the trends and kept the simplicity of the men’s wardrobe, in the last few seasons, it has brought models that have crossed the boundaries of formal dress and business style.

New models bring deconstruction of strict cuts and replaced the monotony of the neutral palette with vibrant bright and romantic pastel colors. Combined with classic silhouettes and lightweight spring materials, colors incorporated femininity and casualness into a classic suit and created a classic for modern times. As the most desirable among the color models, a pink suit was highlighted.


This summer, we noticed that the streets of fashion metropolis won a truly refreshing combination of colors. It was a red and pink joint that gained momentum at the very peak of the summer season.

It is known that in the summer we wear very bright colors and a lot of white, so in this context the red-pink mix acted like a very exciting infusion in every summer wardrobe. And then came autumn, when we have traditionally turned black with contagious colors, so red-pink has again become one of the biggest fashionable excitement that can experience the changing room for the cooler days. You guess, we will love this combination of colors in the winter days, and if you are not yet, it’s an ideal time to put one piece in red and pink in your closet.Trendsetters from Instagram showed interesting suggestions for red-pink combinations and in the autumn-winter season. The very ones that could inspire you into a fashion game with these two colors that you may not yet consider incompatible, but in reality look fantastic.You could take a little bit with a sweater with a red and pink color and combine it with your favorite jeans into a casual everyday look that will still have some interesting features. And if you want to achieve maximum impression, play knitwear in bright red and pink tones, get pants in one of these colors, and round yourself with red or pink shoes / boots.